so hey guys

im back at college now and im so sorry for not posting..

omg like the stress load at college is killing me

i have a dissertation to complete and then there’s like 10 different assignment. cannot wait to be done with college., its such a bore for now at least

you should be glad to know I’m going to college regularly and today onward have adjusted my gym timing to 6 AM. that’s real damn dedication! SHOUT OUT TO ME!!

so im gonna be putting up a few recipes with pictures of course and its gonna be an interesting week..

my boyfriend is at his best at the moment. he’s sweet and so good to me. supports me in every step of my long and hard journey. I’m coming to realize he might be that one in 6 billion kinda person that Peyton sawyer kept rambling about in One Tree Hill..


Chocolate Eclairs tomorrow 🙂


ella 🙂